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CAD data may be used providing you read and agree with the following conditions prior to registering. There is no fee for registration or accessing to the data). Please refrain from registering if you belong to other companies in the same industrial field as ours (you may not be able to register). We may contact you in order to check your registered information. ID application is limited to people who reside in Japan.

ID application is limited to people who reside in Japan.

Please comply with the following details when you avail yourself to the Seikow Chemical Engineering & Machinery Ltd"Download service".

About ID
  1. It is prohibited to give or loan your ID or password to others
  2. ID Registration under false information is prohibited.
  3. Unauthorized use of ID or password is prohibited.
  4. Use by people in the same business as our company is prohibited
Handling of the information provided on this Home Page
  1. Please comply with "Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act" (also known as Foreign ExchangeLaws)
  2. Accessing from, and providing information to Iran, Iraq, Libya and North Korea is prohibited.

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